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Dream Through Your Singing Mouth

For this solo song-theatre performance the setting is a large circle of scores, hand written manuscript paper, underneath which is hidden a drum, bubbles, paper, pens and envelopes.

A few weeks after the performance, each audience member receives a letter from themselves in the post, a letter spurring them on to fulfil one of their own creative dreams.

Songs lyrics by Gorky, Jay Posner, Marianne Williamson, Hafiz (version Ladinsky), Goethe and Yeats

The show has toured in the UK, Argentina and Italy.

Available in English, Italian, German and Spanish.

“That brilliant bard” The Independent
“The wickedly talented Helen Chadwick has done it again” Women in Music

My other solo shows are Dancing In My Mothers’ Arms and A Gift For Burning, which was my first ever solo creation.

Photographs: Massimo Camplone