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A surround sound version of Dalston Songs for soloists and community choir commissioned by Chats Palace in 2017.  A  French version of Home, translated by Brigitte Cirla, was created for Marseille in 2018 with Voix Polyphoniques and involving local refugee support groups.

The testimonies and songs tell stories of migration, loss, arrival, food, traditions, and dust in the basement.  As with all Helen’s work the show is a mix of the profound and the funny.

Home is adaptable for festivals, languages and to include local stories.

Performed with two local community choirs in Hackney and Marseille.

London: Helen Chadwick, Joanna Foster, Soraya Mahdaoui and Rebecca Thorn with the Chats Palace Community Choir.
Marseille: Helen Chadwick, Brigitte Cirla, Soraya Mahdaoui and Tanya Zolty with Voix Polyphoniques.

Production Team
Helen Chadwick, Rosamunde Hutt, Gary Horsman and Paula van Hagen

Audience feedback:
“Amazing- moving, funny, thought-provoking. Could have lisened for hours!”
“Very Beautiful music.”
“Great performance- very moving and really pertinent in these post brexit weird times.”

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Watch the video of HOME at Chats Palace

Photographs: Simon Annand