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White Suit

A song-theatre show for outdoor festivals with larger than life physicality that tells the true life story of a landmine survivor in a highly stylised performance for all ages. Injured, a young girl cries out for help from a man walking by in his beautiful new white suit.

“WHITE SUIT is a rarity – an original, engaging and thought provoking outdoor show with the added bonus of a cast of first rate singers and performers.”
Jeremy Shine, Director Mintfest

Commissioned by Xtrax and the Without Walls Consortium. Toured in the UK 2012-4

Hazel Holder, Krystian Godlewski,  Andrew Pepper, Amaka Okafor, Martin George, Kyle McPhail and Sion Tudor Owen.

Production Team
Helen Chadwick, Carl Miller, Mia Theil Have, Miriam Nabarro and Francesca Finney.

The Team
Miriam Nabarro, who designed this show, also designed and did interviews for War Correspondents
Krystian Godlewski was in this show as well as in Truth
Hazel Holder was in this show as well as in Dalston Songs

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Photographs: Ray Gibson, Brian Swales, Miriam Nabarro, Warren King