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I emailed people all over the world to ask them to send me a story of a moment in their life when they had told the truth or lied and the impact of doing so. From the responses I composed a song cycle which was then directed and choreographed by Steven Hoggett.

Presented by Helen Chadwick Song Theatre and November Productions.
Co-commissioned by Birmingham Repertory Theatre.
Produced by Alison Holder
Toured UK 2018/9

“Five stars” The Daily Spectacle

“Timeless and universal”
The Friend Magazine

“Absolutely gorgeous performance. Have never encountered anything like this before and found it truly amazing”
“Completely unique and totally mesmerising”
“Genuinely one of the most affecting and REAL performances I’ve seen. That blending of heart-rending stories, humour, light and dark – was extraordinary.”
Audience responses

Cast: Helen Chadwick, Victoria Couper, Krystian Godlewski and Liz Kettle.

Production team: Alison Holder, Helen Chadwick, Steven Hoggett, Mark Friend, Helen Porter, Jennifer Rooney, Sarah Agha, Gemma Scott and Toby Farrow.

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Watch the trailer video for TRUTH

Photographs: Toby Farrow and Simon Richardson