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War Correspondents

A Helen Chadwick Song Theatre production based on interviews with  journalists working in conflict zones in many parts of the world created with choreographer/director Steven Hoggett and creative collaborator Miriam Nabarro it toured in 2014.

War Correspondents is inspired by interviews with journalists covering conflicts including Bosnia, Iraq, Chechnya and Liberia. Interviewees discuss the guilt of filming people when they are at their most vulnerable, censorship, the increased dangers of working in the field since 9/11 and the personal cost to those reporting. Designer Miriam Nabarro and I interviewed thirty journalists, and from these interviews I created a song cycle for five voices which Steven Hoggett then choreographed and staged.

“As ever, straight to the heart and beautifully composed and constructed”
Alison Duthie ROH2 Programmer

“Chadwick produces something quite exquisite, ‘shining light into dark places'”
Stage Talk

Lyrics by Chadwick from interviews with the journalists. For the interviews, we are deeply grateful to the following journalists: Shakh Aivazov, Margarita Akhvlediani, Goga Aptsiauri, Martin Bell, Ramzy Baroud, Leli Blagonravova, Sofia Chaava, Kate Holt, Larry James, Salome Jashi, Ewa Jasiewicz, Jana Javakhishvili, Maggie Kane, Temuri Kighuradze, David Kvijinadze, Giuliana Sgrena, Vakho Shalibashvili, Jack Shenker, Nino Shushania, Vaughan Smith, John Spaul, Chris Stephen, Guram Tsibakhashvili, Nino Zhizhilashvili, Zoriah, and anon as well as to Giorgi Gogia of Human Rights Watch and to the Tim Hetherington Trust and Stephen Mayes for permission to quote Tim Hetherington.

Helen Chadwick, James Lailey, Michael Mears, Rebecca Thorn and Oliver Senton.

Production Team
Helen Chadwick, Steven Hoggett, Miriam Nabarro, Penny Mayes, Natasha Chivers, Helen Porter, Pete Malkin and Andy Shewan.

Watch a video trailer of War Correspondents

Concert versions were performed in the UK and at the Abbey Theatre Dublin’s Theatre of War Symposium
see video of the full concert

The song Journalists One is on the album House of Light found on the albums page

Photographs: Simon Richardson