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Dancing in My Mothers’ Arms

A solo song-theatre performance full of humour and crazy stories that celebrates our female heritage. The songs are accompanied by a pack of cards and a drum, a Finnish harp and a heartbeat.

Helen sings poetry by women from across the words the world: India, Scotland, England, Russia, Argentina and Georgia. Through the songs, she weaves stories of childhood ballet class, her card shuffling grandmother,  the Georgian widow who dances in the mountains, the landlady in charge of plugs in a Soviet hotel in Moscow and the poet Alicia Partnoy who was disappeared in Argentina and who years later fed Helen empanadas in Los Angeles.

The stage is set with a line of objects diagonally across the stage, from a small stool at the front in ever diminishing sizes though musical instruments, cards and ballet shoes to the smallest tea pot. DANCING IN MY MOTHERS’ ARMS is about celebrating and giving recognition to the women who influence and inspire us. Their traces are left in us.

This show has toured in Denmark, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, and the UK

It is available in English, Italian, German and Spanish.

“Chadwick….an exquisite find” The Guardian
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Photographs: Marcelo Dischinger and Rossella Viti